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September 20, 2019

Red Sea Submarine Adventure

  The very main reason why I included Sharm El Sheikh in my itinerary was because I wanted to experience the Submarine Adventure in the Red Sea. I arrived Sharm El Sheikh from Dahab in the night and...

Sunrise at Mt. Sinai Egypt

    I arrived at Sharm El Sheikh Airport at 12:00 hrs and took a taxi to East Delta Travel Terminal to get on a bus to Dahab. Taxi fare in Sharm El Sheikh is on the high side...

A Taste of Egyptian Hospitality in Cairo, Egypt

Egyptian hospitality is widely known even in the times of the pharaohs. Up to this very day, this is still clearly reflected among Egyptians. They are serious about it and they take pride in...

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Slowing Down in Macau

Why am I slowing down in Macau? Simply because my parents are with me.  Landed at night,  we were mesmerized by the scintillating lights of the city...