Photo taken at Busan Tower, South Korea
Last year, when I went to Korea and visited some of the tourist spots, I have seen a lot of these hearts around.  Koreans are very warm and expressive, no wonder you will see  lovers wearing couple jacket, couple shoes, couple jeans, couple necklace, couple shirts, couple rings, and so on when you roam around Seoul and Busan  (I guess other cities in Korea have this too).  Lovelock is not an exemption to it. Couples express their love for each other by having any object joined together or simply seal a thing with a lock. After which, keys will be thrown from the tower or be kept in a “key bin” along with the other couple’s keys  symbolizing that no one can break them apart since the keys are already thrown.
If you are single and saw all these romantic stuff, its normal to say “chukita”  (Korean’s way of saying I envy you.) You wish you would also have that someone to be there with you locking up your love for each other.  Such an ideal, especially for ladies. You could feel 10 feet tall. That moment must be unforgettable. Throughout my wonders and amusement, I was led to questions like, ” why can’t we allow ourselves to be locked the same way with Christ? Or What if our family is the owner or writer of the other side of the heart? Will we that be excited and happy too?  
But what about these love locks? Over time, their colors are washed away and rust started to remodel them.  The presence of other locks has made one lock  insignificant in the bigger picture, since there are a lot of them. The identity and uniqueness of every lock  were consumed by the totality of its vastness. They all become mere locks that has lost their value over time.    
The bible says “Do not lay up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust destroy and where thieves break in and steal, But store up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where moths and vermin do not destroy, and where thieves do not break in and steal. For where your treasures is, there your heart will be also.  ( Matthew 6:19-21).
God Himself is our treasure. Family and friends are our treasure. They are heavenly treasures that we allow rust and moth to break and destroy. We unconsciously chase things that only matter in this world and forgot our relationship to God, including our family and friends.  We forgot to pray, don’t mind asking God for guidance, missed special family occasions, hurt loved ones for the simplicity of not being there on the days that they want us to be there and the list goes on.  Upon contemplating, I have learned these 3 things.
1. We should never allow rust to cover the essentiality of life’s meaning.
2. Repetitive act of ignoring the things that matter causes our heart to be rusty.
3. If we only allow ourselves to be locked with the love of  God, our treasures would have explained abundance and emptiness will completely  fade.
God has come excitedly for you. He wants to sit with you in the middle of that heart. He yearns to bring you back into His embrace. He wants you to feel very special letting you not forget the day when you commit and fully surrender your life to Him.  While on earth, allow yourself to be locked with heavenly things. Find that piece of heaven on earth.


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