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Diversion can be painful, especially if it is against our desire but it is not wasted, it is orchestrated. There are times when we find ourselves standing at the edge of  two diverged roads. Choosing, being the most difficult part burdens us and the right decisions are the ones that challenge our courage. Along every difficult choice, pain is inevitable. No amount of words could describe the impact it brings to us and even with the high technology these days, no device could fathom the deepness of our agony. Nothing can alleviate the feeling and we cannot refuse to succumb to the effects of pain.

People specifically are orchestrated for a reason and a season. They do come and go. Everyone is not destined to stay longer, regardless if we like them to.  Our mind, our heart and all  that contain us  are all contradicting. Our inner strength has reached the bottom that it has got nowhere else to fall. Everything was blown away, including plans and many plans. It keeps us physically weak and yet we need to muster any form of courage that we can grab in order for one right decision to emerge.  In the end, we are left with one option, to let them go even if it causes too much of us.

Many would have questioned why God allows pain because we don’t want discomfort, nobody wants it honestly, but pain never exists without gain. It is the surest way to win and taste the sweetness of victory. It sounds so ideal and yet as the cliché goes, it’s easier said than done. To be reminded that God is sovereign and omniscient is more than enough. He can use many things to show His love for you and that doesn’t exempt pain. The love of God and pain, isn’t it ironic? I know you think of it that way, but oftentimes, that stubborn pain is God’s instrument of bringing you closer to Him. He will break you in order for a NEW YOU to transpire. Just like the grain of wheat, it has to die first before it can bring much fruit. (John 12:24)

Designed to be seekers, this is the very time when we can allow God to talk. Soak in His presence, you can’t be anywhere else. Allow Him to wrap you with His divine comfort.  Crying out to God because of pain is the sweetest “father and daughter” moment. When we are in pain, we come to the Lord in all the emptiness that we have and all that we can offer is our weakness and brokenness. A father finds it the sweetest if His daughter will come to Him  and seek His rescue. Surely, the father’s heart feels  your suffering even if you didn’t whisper that to his ear, but He will not allow it to stay like that forever. Out of your brokenness, God  will recreate a wonderful, bolder and more beautiful you.  He will fill every empty area in you. He brings times of refreshing, times when sorrows are turned to joy. Sometimes, we just needed to be broken in order for us to be whole in Him.

It is not the end, it is the beginning of something new. It is another season! Let go of the hold back. Embrace the newness of your days and joy fills you gradually. The assurance of God’s comfort leads you finding nothing else than His love.  It is His way of removing us from the things that are not for us and align us to His avenue of best. He is keeping you ready, the divine shifting is done and with a joyful heart, wait for his surprises. If God will remove someone, He will not replace it with somebody, nor anybody.

The right decisions are the most difficult to take because they grieve our whole system yet freed our soul.

All that matters to us, do matters to God, but not all that we desire is His desire. Be certain that He is the primary planner and He has got you in His palm. Don’t fret! He who promised is faithful. (Hebrews 10:23) 

“With the greatest breakthroughs come the most violent shaking and turbulence”. 

The Promise No One Wants, Pastor Joey Bonifacio


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