Do you want to explore Singapore and wondered where to go? Known for its cleanliness and safety in South East Asia, Singapore continually proves its worth in the tourism industry, making them one of the tourist destination choice of the many. The City of Lion is one of the smallest country in the world but became big as far as business and tourism is concerned.

Here’s a list of places that you could visit mostly for free as no entrance fee is required.

1. Visit the Famous Sentosa Island

singapore 2
Sentosa Island’s Merlion

Sentosa which means “tranquility and peace” in Malay, is an island resort where famous attractions and activities while visiting Singapore is mostly located. There are a lot of activities that are ideal for families, but of course the place is not limited to them as it also welcomes the couples, the solo travelers and those who wandered and possess a child’s heart. This is the very place where the famous Universal Studio Singapore is located.

Universal Studio Singapore

How to get here? Get off at Harbor Front Station (Violet Line (North East Line NE) or Orange Line (Circle Line CC) and stroll down the Sentosa Boardwalk or go to the 3rd floor of the Vivo City and  transfer to Sentosa Express but I recommend to walk and enjoy the scenic view of Sentosa. 🙂

2. Experience the Night Safari

singapore zoo 2
Night Safari Show

Experience the wild at night! Activities like live cultural dance performance,  animal show, guided walking trails for those who want to bring their adventure to the next level, tram rides passing through the rain forest, coming across different animals and even up close encounters with them from the habitat that was especially designed for them. The jungle is authentic, making it so natural for the animals to live with.

singapore zoo

How to get here? Get off at Woodlands Station (Red Line (North South Line NS) or Light Blue Line (North Coast Line NC) and take Bus 926 from the bus interchange.

Open from 19:30 – 24:00 everyday.

Ticketing Counter is open from `17:30 – 23:15

Read more about the night safari HERE

3. Walk your way to the Citi Link Mall

The City Link Mall

City Link Mall is Singapore’s first underground mall connecting the City Hall MRT and the Esplanade. It is like a walkway with shops on both sides. In here, I found a shop that gives a good conversion on the USD to SGD. If you want to go to the Esplanade, you have to walk and follow the signs inside the mall.

How to get here?  Get off at the City Hall Station, Exit C (Red Line (North South Line NS) or Green Line (East West Line EW)

4. Get inside the Esplanade- Theatres On the Bay

The Esplanade

The Esplanade- Theatres on the Bay is Singapore’s home for the performing arts. It is iconic because of its “durian-shaped” surface and spikes. Up to these days, it is used for theater plays, concerts and the like.

esplanade 2
Inside the Esplanade

What I like about this stair inside? They simply remind me of some of the things that are important in life, Trust, Peace, Friendship, Faith, Fun, Courage and Truth. You can get inside and  have a glimpse.

esplanade 3
You wont get lost, directions are easy to follow 🙂

How to get here? Get off at the City Hall Station and take Exit C (Red Line (North South Line NS) or Green Line (East West Line EW).

5. Take a walk at the Orchard Road

The Street

Get into S-H-O-P-P-I-N-G! The Orchard Road is the shopping capital of Singapore. It is a very long stretch of stores, malls, restaurants, and cafes reaching up to 2.2 kilometers solely intended for retail and entertainment. I guess if we think of Singapore, this is a famous road that everyone will eventually think about. You will witness a parade of strollers and shoppers along this road. Prepare to walk .

How to get here? Get off at Orchard Station (Red Line (North South Line NS)

6. Do window shopping at the Shoppes Marina Bay Sands

marina bay
The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands
marina bay 2
Inside the Mall

Packed with many high-end brands, The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands is undeniably luxurious. If you are a brand conscious, this must be your destination. Things run generally smooth in here and not crowded, giving you much freedom in time and space while shopping.

You can also take the Sampan ride along the canal inside the mall. With its blue- green water, the boatman gently paddles his Chinese wooden boat trying to give his passenger an unforgettable experience while in Singapore.

marina bay 3
Louis Vuitton’s Shop

At the bay front is the iconic Louis Vuitton Store that seemingly occupies a floating island, built separately  outside the mall. It’s a stand alone glass and steel pavilion that has added an impact on the significance of the Marina Bay Sands.

How to get here? Get off at the Bayfront Station and take Exit D (Black Line (Downtown Extension DT)

7. Sit outside the Shoppes and wait for the Sunset

outside marina
Benches outside the Mall

The bay front is picturesque and relaxing. I was sitting on these benches eating my favorite seedless guava while waiting for the sun to set. The night and day in this place are both magical, it’s an extra if you experience both. Continue to be amazed as you witnessed the city transformed.

Sunset 🙂

How to get here? Get off at the Bayfront Station and take Exit D (Black Line (Downtown Extension DT)

8. Watch the Light and Water Show

light and water show
The Wonder Full Light and Water Show

Immerse yourself to Singapore’s award winning  Wonder Full  Show. It’s a story that is converse using the light beams, water and sound. You can watch the show every night for free from 8:00 pm to 9:30 pm outside The Shoppes, Marina Bay Sands. The same is also visible from the other side of the water. You may come earlier to get a nice spot as after sunset, a crowd starts to assemble. Read more about the show HERE

light and water show 2

Ain’t it Amazing?

How to get here? Get off at Bayfront Station and take Exit D (Black Line (Downtown Extension DT)

9. Look for Merlion at the Park

The Famous!

This famous Merlion statue with spouted water from its mouth is located in front of the Fullerton Hotel, facing Marina Bay. Singapore is known as “Temasek”  in the ancient times, a Javanese word for sea. According to historical records, Prince Sang Nila Utama saw a strange wild beast upon rediscovering the island in the 11th Century. He was intrigued and impressed by its size and later knew that it’s a lion.  From there, he named the island Singapura, a Sanskrit word for Lion(Singa) City(Pura). The Merlion is a symbol of Temasek and Modern Singapore. The Lion head signifies the strength of the beast, which previously roam around the island, while its fish body symbolized Singapore’s humble origin as a fishing village.

How to get here? Get off at Raffles Place Station (Red Line (North South Line NS) or Green Line (East West Line EW)

10. Shop around Bugis Street

The Famous Bugis Street 🙂

If you are looking for gifts and souvenirs, this is the right place for you. Bugis Street is the largest shopping location in Singapore but signature brands are not aligned with this place. If you want to purchase stuff with Singapore in it, then head your way here!

How to get here? Get off at Bugis Station  (Green Line ( East West Line EW) or Dark Blue Line ( Bukit Timah Line BT)

Here’s the map of Singapore’s MRT System. This could help you find your journey.


There are still many things to see around Singapore. As long as you know the name of the place that you wanted to visit to, it is easy to get around the city using the map. One thing that I like in Singapore is the non confusing directions. Just follow the signs and you will find your way fast. Enjoy!


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