When planning a wedding, it’s important to be updated with the current trends and styles regarding the different aspects you need to focus on. For example, flower arrangement is a whole column—heck, section—in your event planning book. It takes so much consideration what type of flowers to add to your ceremony and reception. Looking for your wedding hand bouquet in online florist Singapore websites is a whole part altogether. Whether you are always the perfect bridesmaid or maid of honor willing to do anything to help your bride-to-be friend or you’re a new bride trying out the DIY approach, you can get great ideas for your hand bouquet by checking out these sources.

Your Local Florist

There can be so much knowledge and ideas when talking to your local florist. Provided they are not busy entertaining a lot of customers, you can have idea-filled discussions on what flower arrangement is best for what event. Since you are planning a wedding, you can book an extended session to discuss the specifics of your wedding. In particular, you can ask for their opinion on what hand bouquet style they would prefer or recommend for the bride, her bridesmaids, and flower girls. You can store such ideas to be used for future events or special occasions.

Online Flower Shops

Online flower shop Singapore vendors are a great resource for ideas and trends. When you visit their websites, you will find not only the products they sell, but also useful entries in their blog pages. Some even have videos featuring the various flowers and flower arrangements they have for different occasions. Wedding, in particular, are a whole genre for online florists. Some even dedicate a special webpage for wedding stuff such as table flowers and hand bouquet sets. Their social media pages are even better. Aside from their original ideas, they sometimes share new trends from influencers and trend setters all around the world.

Blogs and Vlogs on Event Planning

Now, speaking of influencers and trend setters, you can look for them directly by checking out different blogs online or vlogs in YouTube. You can save time by visiting event planning sites as well as their social media pages. They are always updated with new ideas that can make a wedding stand out. If you are an event planner yourself, be sure to regularly visit these trend setters as new hand bouquet ideas pop up all the time. After checking out online florist Singapore websites, do not forget to file these ideas and even try them out by making a new flower arrangement based on their influence.


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