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For 13 remarkable minutes, the dark and serene bay dotted with high rise buildings serves as the natural backdrop of the Wonder Full Light and Water Show. Be thrilled as the lights stationed in many different buildings surrounding the bay started to illuminate Singapore’s skyline.

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The show is voted the “Best New Tourism Attraction” by the ASEAN Tourism Forum. With it, capturing anyone’s attention, the spectacular show uses lasers, searchlights, LEDs, video projectors and giant streaming water screens. They all converge to create one form of masterpiece that is capable of searching our inmost being.

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It took them three years to develop such kind of show, not to mention the 100 architectural, design, creative, musical, engineering, technical and IT specialist that is behind the scene and its success.

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Nearing the show ending, as the water sways and dances with the light, the song ” What A Wonderful World” was played and simply, I just think to myself, what a wonderful world! Then they had made this bird appear which speaks to me of tranquility and peace that greatly results to contentment in life.

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To me, the show draws people back to the basic. It reminded us that life itself is a wonder of its own. It didn’t speak of fame, position, money and the like. The sound of the new born baby, the flower that blooms, the fun in having a friend, the joy in finding our God-given partners are full of wonders that we shouldn’t be neglecting in life. They seemed to be so simple yet they are the ones that give meaning and content to life.

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Along the show, a positive spirit with a distinct outlook in life is formed in the hearts of the viewers. I stood feathers! It’s one thing to watch videos and see photos of the show, but it’s another thing to experience watching the visual effects of the seemingly humungous monitor that speaks about LIFE and the things that matter. EYES ON!

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Psalm 16:9 English Standard Version (ESV)

Therefore my heart is glad, and my whole being[a] rejoices;
    my flesh also dwells secure.


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