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To experience the Bedouin’s way and be able to marvel to its nomadic but now modern lifestyle is truly a distraction that you would gladly embrace.  Bedouin is an Arabic word which means “desert-dwellers”. Barren, humid and dry describes the desert in summer, but staying there in the same season has created an oasis within us. Completely relaxed and refreshed, that moment stole us away from the hustle and bustle of the big city.

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It was afternoon when we reached the desert camp. Being the first group to arrive, caretakers greeted us while they were preparing their facilities.

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Not long enough, one of the care taker showed us our way to our tents. Like the Bedouins, they dwell in tents that were made of woven goat’s hair. The tents that we stayed in are the modern ones. In order to beat the heat, they also installed a split AC inside and of course, a modern bathroom which I may say, very comfortable and clean.

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Before dinner is served, you can indulge yourself into various activities that would bring fun and excitement as you discover more of the desert.

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You can have both the camel-riding and the sand-boarding in dunes.

sand boarding

In case you want something steady, you can get near to one of the workers and get a lesson in bread making. They are more than willing to let you try and do it on your own.

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Otherwise, you can observe the Arabic tradition  and decorate yourself with henna. It is believed that it is a symbol of good luck, health and sensuality, but usually done these days for fun.


All guests have their respective table to where they will dine and sit like the Arabic way in the desert, but because of the humidity, almost every table has an assigned mist fan at the side in order for visitors to beat the heat.

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After dinner, a traditional show will entertain every guest. It will start with the belly dancing which showcases the rhythmic movement of the hips and ends with the tanoura dance, a performance which involves whirling with the colorful and heavy skirt . Both dances are famous in the Middle East and eventually became one of their trademarks.


When the show is over, guests can either stay in the program area or proceed to the shisha area. Since none of us smokes, we went back to our tent and stayed outside in the portion that is somewhat designed as a veranda. In the night, it is lovely to sit here and savor the serenity that you seldom get when you are in the city. How is it sleeping in the desert? The night in the desert is very calm, very relaxing and very still. Stars are visible and the silence is deafening, yet refreshing to the soul.

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We woke up the next morning anxious as to where the sun will shine. After a deliberate waiting for the sun to rise, we had our breakfast and prepare ourselves to check out.


Hot and cold drinks are unlimited while Arabic, Indian and American food is served displayed in buffet-style.


Our dwell in the desert and experience is unexpectedly filled with joy, wonder and inspiration. The endless hills of golden sands around you allows you to see things without limits. Barefoot, allow the fine sand to touch your soles and be reminded to stay grounded. Most importantly, continue the journey and shed your light in the darkness.


“What makes a desert beautiful is that somewhere, it hides a well”



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